Are you suffering from such symptoms in public speaking?

  • Heart beating fast
  • Stuttering voice
  • Mental block
  • Blushing, being pale and tense
  • Trembling of hands and legs
  • Difficulty in breathing, etc.

You will be OK!

Thank you for coming. My name is Sally Kanemitsu, I am a trainer for overcoming stage fright.
How can we overcome stage fright in public speaking?
It seems that many people still believe that we have to practice public speaking a lot and have plenty of experience.
I also believed that, so I tried to practice for long hours just to make an announcement for one minute. But my symptoms were getting worse and I kept losing my confidence.

Luckily, I encountered neuroscience and overcame my fear in a short time. After that, my life has drastically changed. I wasn’t even able to join drinking parties before with only few people, but now I can enjoy talking and playing instrument with dozens of people, even hundreds.

If you have a negative image of public speaking, you are probably heavily stressed about the possibility of having to do it. I hope that you also overcome stage fright in a short time using my method based on neuroscience, and that you will have enjoyable stress-free days after.

Stage fright trainer

Stage Fright Trainer

Sally Kanemitsu



book covers

English title

“To Speak Easier In Front of Others:
5 Magical Steps” Diamond Inc.
Written by Sally Kanemitsu

It was the second best-selling Japanese book on Amazon Japan. In addition, it has won several awards. The book got a recommendation letter from Dr. Shiga, the leading electroencephalogram researcher who has won the Gold Award from the former U.S. president Obama. It’s not only published in Japan, but has also been translated in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.

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The reason why you can’t overcome stage fright
even though you practice many times

symptoms of stage fright

Tension / Stage fright is caused by your brain

There aren’t people that feel stage fright right after they are born. If they have a negative experience, their brain memorizes an image that public equals danger. When anyone encounters a dangerous scene, the sympathetic nerves in the autonomic nervous system dominate, the heartbeat becomes faster and the body sweats. In this state, the brain commands the body to give out energy for facing danger or to escape from danger. To summarize, stage fright’s symptoms have appeared because your brain recognized that public equals danger. This is a kind of a defense mechanism.

differences in the method for overcoming stage fright

It is difficult to change the public’s images in your brain by just practicing public speaking

Most people who want to overcome stage fright go to public speaking classes and seminars. They try to learn how to construct the story, make a pause, breathe from your abdomen, etc. They also try to speak in front of the group members.
However, these speech exercises don’t aim to change images of public speaking directly. People who have a light problem may become better, but people who instinctively feel fear in public won’t reach the levels expected. Some people might be afraid that their fear will increase unnecessarily by speaking and being corrected in front of other students.

image of public speaking

Your speech will be better if you change your image of public speaking

Sally’s method based on neuroscience focuses on changing the image of public speaking directly. It will result in changing your self-image and the image of the actual situations to a positive one. And when the time to actually stand in front of people is near, you just have to do image training and you won’t have to practice speaking a lot of times. If you change the image of the public to be positive in advance, you will be able to speak without getting nervous. You can do all the training at home.

e-Book and Session

  • book for overcoming public speaking anxiety


    This is a newly written e-book (English version) for overcoming stage fright that can be downloaded and read right after.
    It contains the dialogue of Emma (a client) and Sally (a trainer) , and reading it will feel as if you were actually participating in the real train. So it’s an easy-to-read e-book.

  • session for overcoming stage fright

    Skype Session

    It is a one-on-one session in English. The trainer will focus on changing your image of public speaking from negative to positive in a short period of time. The trainer will analyze your situation and you will both assemble a plan for overcoming stage fright together. It is possible to ask questions as many times as you want.