• This isn’t a book to speak well in front of people. It is a book to become able to speak fun without being nervous in public.
  • It contains the dialogue of Emma (a client) and Sally (a trainer), and reading it will feel as if you were actually participating in a real session.
  • Sally’s method is based on neuroscience. It is so simple, easy to understand, and really powerful.
  • It also covers how to make a speech manuscript that you can easily speak on your own words.
  • This isn’t a translated version of Sally’s book “To Speak Easier In Front of Others: 5 Magical Steps (Diamond Inc.)”. It is a newly written e-Book for English user.

Who should read it?

  • People who tried various ways to overcome stage fright yet their ways didn’t work, such as going to speech classes, practicing of breathing exercises, etc.
  • People who feel fear or anxiety speaking in public.
  • People who are in trouble of symptoms such as rapid heart beat and body shivering.

What will you learn?

  • Definition of stage fright and a defense mechanism that causes nervousness
  • Why people can’t overcome stage fright in traditional ways like speech practices
  • A latest method for overcoming stage fright based on neuroscience
  • How to make easy and convenient speech manuscript etc.

About the Author

stage fright trainer

Stage fright trainer

Sally Kanemitsu (金光サリィ)

Sally Kanemitsu was suffering from extreme stage fright. She was ashamed and felt embarrassed standing in front of the audience for many years. After getting an opportunity to lecture, she decided to face the problem and bring it under control.
She focused her research on neuroscience and psychology and created a method based on these disciplines. By using the method from her research she was able to overcome extreme stage fright in just 10 days. Her book which summarized this method got a recommendation comment from Dr. Shiga, the leading electroencephalogram researcher who has won the Gold Award from former U. S. President Obama.
Unlike general ways that gradually encourage change, her session is popular as it causes drastic changes in a short period of time.

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